Should I have?

Cattiness. I’ve always had trouble getting along with all most some girls.

I was wearing a white pencil skirt and a maroon (old lady) top to work yesterday. No jewelry save for my pearl earrings. Not very corp-y, just a slightly professional, harmless outfit. Kind of grama-ish. The CEO was visiting so we were advised to look polished.

I walked past two girls and one of them asked audibly “Sasayaw ka?” (Are you going to dance?)

My ears pricked. I knew that subtly catty comment was meant for me and my “costume”.

I turned around and said “Fuck you!”


Why not?

  • It may have not meant anything.
  • It may not have been meant for me.
  • I didn’t want to cause trouble.

In truth, I am a senstive mouse. Nah, I’m just plain chicken. I didn’t even bother looking at the girl’s face. I never found out who it was.

Should I have?


4 thoughts on “Should I have?

  1. Darling, have I not taught you ANYTHING?

    You should’ve snapped your head, said “at least I can change my clothes. What do you plan to do about your face?”

    And then outside of the office, corner her in a dark alley, place your nose an inch away from hers, and very menacingly whisper, “dear, i’m usually a nice person, and i try to be patient. I am, afterall, a trainer. But if you so much as breath my air again, I will fucking cut you, bitch”.


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