32 No More

I lost 2 inches off my waist. Yay!

My trainees say I do look a lot thinner lately. I say “Well, its all thanks to you guys. The class wore me down!” That class was tiresome, yes, but I love them to bits. One of them was not keen on my weightloss, saying that my cheeks are a bit sunken in. I guess its just a bit to get used to.

I have a lot more energy. I rarely get sick. I take my vitamins plus more Vitamin C.

I don’t have strict exercise regimen. I just try to move around alot. I walk and use the stairs a lot at work.  Three times a week, I just do 4 sets of 30 crunches, some stretching, twisting on my little orange disk and spinning (stationary biking), while watching TV.

I love veggies so eating healthy is not a big deal for me. My family eats big, but we eat healthy. Lots of green and no processed and fatty stuff for us growing up. I drink lots of water, 2 cups of green tea a day, 2 cups (max) of coffee. I eat breakfast like a king, lunch a like a prince, snack like a hiker, and just have a cup of green tea for dinner.

Goal: Reach a waist-to-hip ratio of 7. I’m not so concerned about my weight since 130 lbs is within normal range for my height of 5’3″.  This is a bit of a challenge for me since I have an apple-shaped body. And yes, this is both for aesthetics and health.

To Level-up: Ease on the rice (which I love too much) and add one more set or crunches to my routine. I may change this plan once I lose more weight. I don’t want to get too complicated since I have never been active (no sports or dancing while I was growing up) Easy does it.

Epiphany: The less I think about it, the more effective my plan is. The less I stress about it, the better I feel.

And Last: I’ll try to have a more positive outlook in life. So I can sleep better.


2 thoughts on “32 No More

  1. I think it’ll really help if you have good sleeping habits! In my case, it helped me gain normal weight–I was losing too much along with sleep, although I know for most people when they sleep late it’s the other way around. Well, bottomline is, I think sleep is a big factor in normalizing health (weight included).

    Let me just say, looking at your photos, you definitely don’t look like you have a 32″-waistline 🙂 You look gorg!

    • Thanks, Alexandra.

      It is quite a challenge since I work in a call center. But we make do with what time we have.

      More power to us busy girls,

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