Dengue: Breaking the Fever but the Fight is Not Over

This September, I’m celebrating my 20th year of surviving Dengue Stage 4. Life has been good to me. I am forever grateful. I hope I have made good the second life lent to me.

 The 4 Stages of Dengue

Stage 1: Acute fever and upper respiratory symptoms

 · Stage 2: Fever subsides

· Stage 3: Circulatory failure, neurological problems, and hemorrhaging

· Stage 4: Shock and death (10% of all cases reach this stage)


Watch out for Stage 2. It doesn’t na magaling na ang patient.


Thanks to the bedside doctors who made sure I had a pulse 24/7 and the nurses who watched over my platelets. Thank you to Dr. Rustica Moran who made the decision to save my life when my platelets and pulse failed. I was a charity case.


The government hospitals cannot give that kind of attention to the 63,000 reported cases in 2010. I was lucky, 20 years ago. The 465 who died last year weren’t so lucky.


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