Breaking the Call Center Stereotype


I start my day with a fish and gulay breakfast, light workout while listening to news on AM Radio

I take pride that I have broken most BPO worker stereotypes. I don’t spend so much on gadgets, clothes or other luho. I listen to the news, have a relatively healthy lifestyle and have run-of-the-mill relationships. A lot less drama than I care to take in. 

Living in the night shift isolates us workers from what is happening in the country. I try to reconnect by keeping up to date via the radio. Recently, my coworkers lose sleep watching Senate hearings and have water-cooler chats around it. 

My mild (almost non-existent) social life actually works for me. The occasional drink comes around every three months, and usually just a tipple. I don’t smoke. I’m not into gossip or gimiks so much but I keep my few precious friends close. 

I had to quit volunteering, boxing and swimming due to an ankle injury but I plan to get back in the game soon. I’m starting with light exercise. All this extra weight is slowing me down, not to mention the healing process. 

My family and my relationships are quite vanilla. I wouldn’t say its boring. Every day with these wacky, spirited people takes work and loyalty. They’re all inspiring and challenging to love. Why add even more drama by complicating things?

I cannot say that I live the perfect life or I have the mildest temperament. I can be a real bitch when I lack sleep. The heat, humidity and my emotions affect my judgement at times. Sometimes, I let the pressures at work get to my head and I tend to snap at people. My blood is 30% coffee.

I still observe some behaviors among some BPO workers that outsiders tend to turn into generalizations about us. I don’t want to judge my coworkers who fit the stereotypes to some degree because I know and I understand some of their reasons. Some cases, I have to admit, are understandable but not acceptable. But to each his own, I guess.

I am just grateful that people who love me have helped me to cope with this crazy up-side down life. Living and working with BPO workers proves that most of them are just normal as anyone.

I still fit some of the stereotypes in the picture above. Try to guess which ones!


credits: thanks to a certain friend from the internet for the lovely cartoon!


2 thoughts on “Breaking the Call Center Stereotype

  1. Haha, favorite ko yung “forgot what an actual traffic jam looks like”. I used to work in an office whose hours were 6am-3pm. It was the best! Walang traffic papasok and then after work you can still do a lot of things. 😀 Can I guess which stereotype you fit in? Dun ba sa “finished an actual university course na malayo sa work”? Ang dami kong kilalang ganun! :))

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