Jeepney Thoughts : The Church and the State

I get to talk to my self (i hope not aloud) when I ride jeepneys.

Thought: Is the Catholic Church in the Philippines so weak that it needs the State to enforce its anti-women beliefs? Anti-divorce, anti-RHB, etc? I mean if their believers have a true strong belief, wouldn’t they follow what the Church says, despite what the State says?

Are they keenly aware of their poor hold on their believers? Or are they trying to impose preach their beliefs on the rest of us? Shouldn’t we be free to choose, instead of mandated by law how we practice or not practice religion?


6 thoughts on “Jeepney Thoughts : The Church and the State

    • I wonder what the INC thinks about that. Their members seem to follow their own church laws, even without the help of state laws. Not saying i agree with their beliefs.

      • Hahaha that is an interesting point. 😉 do you know people from the INC? I personally know just one, but a close friend of mine knews a few and i learned interesting things regarding this matter. :p

      • Yes, I know several members of the INC. They really seem to follow their rules. I think it’s not fair for the Catholic Church to impose it’s beliefs on the country, when there are a lot of non-Catholics here. The Law after all is for everyone, not just Catholics. Instead of meddling with the State, the Church should focus instead on how to win their people back and get their own members commit to what the Church teaches.

      • Haha well… I guess it all boils down to the person. One thing i have to respect, and even admire about conservatives in ameraca is that most of them stick to their religion’s beliefs. It is sad for me to admit that i know cathilocs, christians, and even people from the inc that dont follow their teachings. Hehe

        On a lighter note, i just noticed your pen name, i’m waistline29.hahaha

      • I know plenty of Americans. There are religious conservatives who are very strict but there are also a lot who don’t strictly follow their religion.

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