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Featured Blog: Reluctant Stylista 

I asked one cool Filipina to join my blogroll. She is a great inspiration for girls who are not of the cookie-cutter kind.

Check out her blog here.

Thanks, Alex, for sharing your adventures in fashion with us.


Nakiki-uso lang ako

Dear God,

The year 2009 has already been tough for us,  and we’ve only been halfway through it.

The economy is bad. People are losing jobs. Our leaders are lost and blinded.

We need heroes. People to look up and give us hope. People that makes us try to be more than human.

Please don’t take another legend away. We already lost people like Francis M and Michael Jackson.

Their lives may be messed up at some points or another but I love their music and their message.

Why did You have to pour burning genius into paper vessels? Was it to have  genius burst and spread out to the world?

Or maybe was it just to show that to be human is to be weak?

Or maybe was it to have that burst of light much needed by somebody?

I have always shunned your gifts for me because I felt like a weak vessel.

And now you have given me two sparks to look up to. Then I realize that there are many others burning in me all along. Then I realize that maybe I have my own fire.

Genius or Not, it may just be the spark needed by somebody else.

God, help me keep this fire as long as I can.


Nakiki-uso lang ako

I am Finn Bell

I stopped going to Paradiso Perduto.
I put aside fantasy and the wealthy..

… and the heavenly muse
who did not want me.

None of it would happen to me again.
I’d seen through it

 I elected to grow up.


Who’d gotten my life in order? Me.
I was in control. 
And everything I wanted, I had.

The night
all my dreams came true. 
Like all happy endings it was
a tragedy, of my own device. 
For I’d succeeded.
I’d cut myself loose… 
… from Joe, from the past,
from the gulf, from poverty. 
I had invented myself. 
I had done it cruelly,
but I had done it. I was free.


I remember watching you
from that very window.

Scared little mouse scurrying across
my garden and through my front door

Now another door opens.
What will our mouse do?


And you’re self-taught?
That was a gift.
Finn always had it. 
Seven months old, his sister and I took
him to the beach. He drew in the sand. 
One night he took Maggie’s best
perfume and drew with it in the street. 
He poured it all out,
and then he lit it… 
Just up in flames. The most beautiful
designs you ever saw. Just…

Nothing had lessened it as much
as I had abused it, abandoned it

It was a gift, and it was still mine

And everything else was less real.  
What can it mean?
That picture of the world.                  
But when it’s true, we recognize it
in ourselves, in others.                 
We recognize it, like love,
completely undeserved.


A lot of people hated that movie. But this  stream of consciousness likes it.

When I run out of words…

I have a bit of acid gas somewhere between my gut and my shoulder. I have emotional LBM. The botulinum kind.  I took a mega-dose of Diatabs. I must turn to song before the shit finds it way into my bloodstream.

“And so I turned the radio on, turn the radio up.

And this woman was singin’ my song.”

And she turned out to be Lisa.


I want to be by myself, sometimes I do.
I don’t want to be left behind, but sometimes I’m left by you.

Snow Day

You’re my medicine.
You’re my medicine.
You’re my medicine.
You’re my medicine.

Ambitious Trend-Tripper

I am starting this blog for several reasons:

  1. It’s uso (Tagalog meaning ‘trendy’)
  2. I need to know if there are other young Pinays with 32″ waistlines.
  3. My dad thinks I should write more just because I wrote for my high-school paper.

I’m actually quite busy so there will be sporadic blog diarrhea followed by bouts of oligoblogia (medical term for lack of blogging)

This blog will chronicle my views on self-image, on the dual nature of my career and all things uso.