New Link: Reluctant Stylista

Featured Blog: Reluctant Stylista 

I asked one cool Filipina to join my blogroll. She is a great inspiration for girls who are not of the cookie-cutter kind.

Check out her blog here.

Thanks, Alex, for sharing your adventures in fashion with us.


Stuff I Found Online: Aw Chucks! It melts my heart!

I’ll stop the world and melt with shoe.

You’ve seen the difference and its getting better all the time.

There’s nothing you and I won’t do.

I’ll stop the world and melt with shoe.

Where oh where can I find this shoe?

Paris Dragonfly Lana

Hello Lovely Ladies! (and Gents who love giving gifts … hint hint!)

The fashion-forward, figure-loving tops and dresses from ( )can now also be found at the Cubao Shoe Expo.

You can still check out the site which has an online LookBook featuring 3 favorite cities: Manila, Paris and New York.  The pictures and the size-chart are excellent shopping tools. Prices ranges from Php 300-1000. Shipping anywhere in the Philippines is still FREE.