Tanda: Regenerate Anti-Aging Starter Kit ($388 Value)



The set includes:
– Tända Light Therapy cordless handpiece
– Tända recharging stand
– 9 V medical grade universal power adapter
– Eye goggles
– User manual
– Cloth carrying case
– Tända Regenerate™ Treatment Head
– Bonus full-size 4.0 oz Tända Light-Optimized™ Cleanser
– Bonus 1.0 oz Tända Light-Optimized™ Anti-Aging Serum

*Tända Regenerate™ lights up when pressed to the skin and remains unlit when held or charging.
*Age, skin type, the amount of photo and environmental damage, correct use, and each person’s individual body chemistry may all affect the speed of results. The device is suitable for use by all skin types. It typically takes 30 days to achieve results and continued use to maintain.

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