Office crushes are fun!

A conversation in the office

Dirty Old Man: You remind me of women from the Fifties. When women were women. You know, like Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe.

Me: Yeah, I’m old-fashioned… and I love those women, too. (evil grin)

D.O.M.: Whoah… wait! What did you say? You like women?

Me: I love women.

Skinny Office Geek:  (nodding) She does.

Me: I like the petite, curvy, messed-up kind. Especially if they’re pale-skinned and artistic. Complete opposite of my kind of men: dark, big, geeky and nice.

Office Ursula: Yup. That’s her, all right.

Start of my shift

Crush-crush: Hi! Lookin’ good!

Me: Ahehehe… thanks. Bye!

Crush-crush heads home.

A few hours after my shift

Crush-crush: Hey. You’re the last person from the office I ran into yesterday. Now you’re the first!

Me:  (dead tired, dizzy, leans towards Crush-crush)

Crush-crush: (beso)

Me: Tired!

Crush-crush: Yeah, go home. Bye!

Me: (kilig!)