Waisted Happiness

Norway’s tragedy make me sad.

Our President’s weak promises make me mad.

So I pray and count my blessings. Right now, happiness for Waisty is:

  1. Being healthy –  I never thought it would be so much fun. I have some kind of 1 hour exercise at least 4 times a week — either biking, swimming or boxing (see Number 2) I love eating veggies so eating healthy wasn’t much of a stretch. I feel great about making baon a priority. I feel great. I feel stronger and less sickly now.  Madali lang pala. Don’t tell my mom and my lolo kasi mga one-upper yung mga yun, aapihin lang ako. They like harping me on my weaknesses. They keep me in line that way.
  2. Boxing – I tried two sessions. Every inch of my body hurts but I’ll be back for more. I normally suck at sports but I feel good about boxing. I feel strong, fast, healthy… and beautiful. Thanks to The Goat Locker Boxing Gym in Marikina.
  3. Excellent Customer Service from this dude from SM Marikina. Sabi namin tuloy “Gusto mo bang mag-call center?”
  4. Organic Beauty Care … it’s local and it’s affordable. I know I sound like an ad but i luvluvluv humanheartnature!
  5. Buying a new house. Yessss! We’re almost there!
  6. Love. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Giving my mom a nice hair dye. (i’m kinda good at this)
  8. Experiencing all this with my awesome family.
There will be posts (and pics!) about each little piece of happiness. But right now, I need a massage so I can work tonight. Now let that be pieces #9 and #10!