Midwifery Board Exams in the Philippines begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will take the Midwifery Board Exams.

Jumping the medical bandwagon is another uso here in the Philippines so we can get better pay abroad. Most students would opt to be nurses because it is one of the most lucrative jobs out there. According to the news, there are 100,000 unemployed nurses here in the country. 89,000 more will take the Nursing Board Exams this November.

That sounded like a lot of competition so I opted for Midwifery. It’s a shorter and easier course. I never had the guts or brains enough to be a nurse. Nurses face a lot of death and disease; midwives face a lot of …well, life.

On some days I do regret not joining my friends who shifted to nursing. I felt left out again. But on most days, I feel like i could do the most good as a midwife. There’s nothing better than giving primary care to the community.

Oh wait, there is something better: Holding that newborn and handing it to the new mom.

I am praying for that license.

thank you http://www.inquirer.net


Ambitious Trend-Tripper

I am starting this blog for several reasons:

  1. It’s uso (Tagalog meaning ‘trendy’)
  2. I need to know if there are other young Pinays with 32″ waistlines.
  3. My dad thinks I should write more just because I wrote for my high-school paper.

I’m actually quite busy so there will be sporadic blog diarrhea followed by bouts of oligoblogia (medical term for lack of blogging)

This blog will chronicle my views on self-image, on the dual nature of my career and all things uso.