Bothered? More like Outraged!

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Why do searches for the words “Filipina” or “Pinay” always turn up postings for porn sites?

It’s not the same when I search for “Irish” or “Japanese” or “Malaysian”.

Through this blog, I hereby reclaim the dignity of the Filipina. I don’t have to state the reasons why Filipinas are wonderful in this post. Just read through the rest of my blog and my friends’ postings (see my blogroll). We are proof that we are more than just flesh.

Defense of a Filipina Woman's Honor by Fernando Amorsolo, 1945


Teri Hatcher in Monique Lhuillier

Ermmm…. my first fashion-related blog.

Teri Hatcher’s Desperate Housewives character may have bashed Filipino doctors, but I think Hatcher herself has a very different opinion of our nation’s  couture.

Teri Hatcher in Monique Lhuillier

Teri Hatcher in Monique Lhuillier

Hollywood Irony Meter:two ironheads

I like the pink prom-ish dress. The fitted bodice flatters her tiny body but the flowy skirt gives her much needed fullness. I also like the two cocktail dresses.  The white gown is too bulky that it overwhelms her skinny figure. The yellow one is just… parrot yellow.

Sorry, guys. Again, this is my first fashion-related blog. I’m not really a fashionista or anything.

Self-Gayification: >>>>>>>>>>>>>45% COMPLETE.